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Our Photography workshops are Intensive. Rough. Educational & fun. Our classrooms are outdoors, mostly under a tree and / or around a campfire. The teaching doesn’t stop at photographing, our digital enhancement kit also teaches you how to speed up your workflow with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Whether you’re an aspiring professional photographer or an amateur photographer in this for fun, you’ll leave with a great set of images and memories.

* Miriam Makeba (South African singer and civil rights activist)

“Africa has her mysteries and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them.”

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You’ll experience big life, awesome landscapes, personal encounters that will give you a new perspective on life. With your instructors’ help, you’ll be able to get in depth knowledge on your technical aspects and in your journey with your art. In designing this itinerary, you will have time to meet the people, visit rural villages, and really get to know this beautiful country, as well as taking in the most important wildlife and landscapes that identify with Africa. Your entire  adventure will be taken care of with extreme precision.

We’ve has been long time members of the National Parks of East Africa and are more than equipped to help guide your photographic vision of the wild.

All workshop attendees will be required to have a camera system to use during the workshop. The recommended equipment should include, but is not limited to, a wide angle lens, a telephoto zoom lens recommended minimum distance 200mm, adequate CF Cards, Adequate Batteries, your battery chargers, a Laptop ( If possible for workshop practical sessions ), a sturdy tripod, and an enthusiastic attitude.

As a workshop attendee, you will have a no-worries trip. From your pick up at the designated location, you’ll have transportation during the event, comfortable accomodation, one of the most experienced instructors in the field, all your meals, and lastly one A2 print of the best image you captured during the workshop. Everything else is taken care of.

You will have time for a one-on-one image critique with your instructors as well as time towards the end of the workshop to evaluate the groups favorite images. This will provide an amazing learning experience that is sure to improve the way you see and shoot.

Our aim is that you learn, share, make new friends and have a few good laughs. We put the emphasis on photography and fun, more than anything else you will be sure to learn some new techniques to your craft and return home with some wall worthy images.

Inquire today to be part of an amazing photo adventure to some of the most extraordinary and iconic locations in East Africa. The trips, the sites and culture we will see are sure to take your breath away.

NB: As much as we’d love to make sure you get your photograph of an elephant’s butt too, it is important to note that wildlife is unpredictable as they migrate and can be very stubborn about whom they’d like to be photographed by. Much like a Kenyan socialite.

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What to expect when on safari

Expectations Management

We aren’t in a rush to photograph everything in a day.

Our workshops are meant for individuals interested in honing in on their craft or learning about the wildlife they’re photographing.

The drivers we travel with are highly experienced guides and have been in the field as long as or longer than your instructors. Which if you put in to perspective, is over 45 years of combined experience in the bush.

Good Wildlife photographs take a while to capture. Amazing ones take a very long time, patience, and a tenacity for perfection, or anything near it. Emphasis on composition, placement of the vehicle and an attempt to keep the angles for the best light possible will be made.

Our days will begin well before dawn and will be gruesome to a few, but this perseverance will pay off when you see your award winning images in your portfolio.

By 9AM, breakfast will be served and we will be en-route back to camp. At this time, you’ll have the luxury to take a break, download your images, sit with an instructor and review your images and attend a Photoshop / Lightroom lecture with Rahim.

After lunch, we begin our preparations to leave for our second safari beginning at 3PM where we start tracking the next shots. We’ll be out till 6:30PM which is right after sunset.

meet karim and rahim kara

About your instructors

In 1993, the brothers began developing a passion for wildlife photography whilst constantly on the move camping in the wilder regions of East Africa.
Through their passion for nature and wildlife, they nurtured their photographic skills and now boast work with key organizations in Kenya including Microsoft, Safaricom and the some of the major hotel groups in and around East Africa.
They work with their Canon DSLR’s & Medium format Film gear when photographing landscapes and still produce the images on film.
They have worked on several introduction tutorials and instructional online sessions to grow the photography community’s abilities in Kenya.
Though working with corporate clients and weddings on occasion, the brothers still maintains that the natural landscape and wildlife are their true photographic love.